Freckles Articles

  • What are Freckles?
    Freckles are considered harmless blemishes on the skin and are not a medical concern. However, many patients seek treatment for freckles to remove or ...Continue Reading
  • Symptoms of Freckles
    Freckles are considered cosmetic blemishes by some and attractive by others. Whether to seek treatment to get rid of freckles or fade them is a person...Continue Reading
  • Freckles Prevention
    Freckles are caused by exposure to sunlight, which stimulates melanin cells to produce melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. They are not co...Continue Reading
  • Causes of Freckles
    Freckles appear as small brown spots on the face, but may also be found on other areas of the body including the arms. Some consider freckles a sign o...Continue Reading