Types of Professionals Who Provide VI Peel

A VI peel is a particular type of chemical treatment that is used for the purpose of enhancing the facial features and tightening up the skin. Akin to a surgery known as a facelift, the chemical peel is designed to not only lift and tighten the features of the face, but also to clean up damaged skin and to improve the overall quality of the facial skin as well.

Professionals Who Provide VI Peel Services

The best way to locate VI peel specialists near you is to search on the product website. There is a complete list of physicians and other service people who will be able to help you to locate a VI peel treatment facility in your area. The professionals who typically provide this service are generally doctors. Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons are the two types of doctors who routinely perform VI peels, although some other professionals may engage in related chemical treatments and may be able to help you as well.

Other Considerations

Some non doctors will also provide VI peel treatments. Consult with your local beauty salons and chemical or facial rejuvenation centers and stores for more information. Certain salon specialists are trained in VI peels. Before you work with one of these people, however, ensure that she has the proper certification necessary to complete the treatment accurately and safely for you.

For more information about VI peels or other related chemical peels, or to learn about infrared treatments that provide a similar service without the use of chemicals, speak with a dermatologist.

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