Treatments that VI Peel Can be Combined with

A Vi Peel is increasingly engaging attention in the cosmetic treatment niche as a safe and effective treatment. A Vi Peel has been found to be effective against neutralizing typical issues like signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. Though the effects of Vi Peel are more pronounced than most chemical peels, it shares the same, core concept, i.e. improving the appearance and texture of the skin in a superficial manner. This means that the results of a Vi Peel are largely limited to the skin’s surface.

Thus, a Vi Peel is ideally combined with other non-invasive or minimally-invasive treatments that don’t act on the skin’s surface and can use an additional procedure to enhance the overall results.


Restylane is among the most sought after of injectable dermal fillers. It uses hyaluronic acid as the filling compound that is injected within the skin. This filler material is a natural product, i.e. hyaluronic acid is also found in the human body. This eliminates the risk of allergic reactions or incompatibility with the patient’s immune system.

Restylane is a quick-acting cosmetic treatment that can be easily conducted within a 40-minutes session. Its commonest application is for augmenting the size of lips and for eradicating wrinkles and fine lines. Restylane is also used for some degree of facial contouring wherein it is used for adding volume to facial features such as the nasolabial folds. In fact, Restylane is reputed to be at par with nose surgeries if the patient is seeking a slight modification in the outline of the nose.

Restylane doesn’t address the issue of instantly rejuvenating the skin or rendering the skin, the much-wanted sparkling look that only a chemical peel can deliver. Thus, many patients undertake a Vi Peel in combination with Restylane as a part of comprehensive anti-aging treatment packages.


Botox® is among the most globally-recognized of anti-aging treatments. Botox® injections are reputed as the quickest cosmetic treatment that can instantly wipe-out aging indicators like frown-lines and wrinkles. Botox® uses a unique compound, a toxin derived from Botulinum. This compound is injected into the skin under anesthesia. The toxin is a potent mix that immediately gets to work by impairing the action of the nerves responsible for the formation of wrinkles.

However, Botox® addresses some typical issues only wherein it is ideally suited for wiping-out wrinkles and fine lines, but it cannot render the brightness of a freshly-peeled skin associated with a chemical peel. This is why a Botox® session is often combined with a Vi Peel. Apart from complementing a Botox® treatment, a Vi Peel also helps to cut the overall costs associated with repeated Botox® sessions. This is because the results of Botox® tend to wear-out after some time.

However, a chemically-peeled skin is able to sustain the results for a longer period or at least camouflage the reappearance of signs of aging, minimizing the need to seek repeated Botox® injections.


Thermage is among the most progressive of laser-based skin treatments. Here, RF or radiofrequency technology is used to access and heat the deepest layers of the skin. However, unlike conventional laser treatment, Thermage is considered safe as the outer layer of skin is seldom harmed.

The radiofrequency beams are able to stimulate the formation of collagen that ensures the immediate and long-term stretching of the skin in a natural manner. Though this addresses the problem of wrinkled or sagging skin, it cannot deliver an instantaneous form of skin-rejuvenation. This is why Thermage sessions are often combined with Vi Peel a bit later in the day.

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