Initial Results vs. Long-Term Results of Vitalize Peel

Vitalize Peel is a superficial peel that can improve the appearance and texture of your skin. It is a powerful, yet non-damaging chemical peel which can help to reduce the signs of aged skin, sun damage and environmental effects. This peel is made of alpha-hydroxy acid, beta-hydroxy acid, resorcinol and retinoic acid. It is suitable for different tones and complexions of skin. Though results are noticeable after the first peel, repeated peels are required to see stellar effects.

Initial Results

While applying the Vitalize Peel and soon after its application, you will experience a mild tingling feeling which will subside even without any medication. This mild tingling and slight redness can again start when the application starts to peel off. As a result of zero downtime for the Vitalize Peel, you can notice initial results within a week. Your skin will look evenly toned, smooth and more supple. Softness of the skin is enhanced so significantly, that you may get a feeling that your makeup foundation is just gliding through your face.

Facial skin looks more vibrant, as the lines and wrinkles become less noticeable. You can achieve a flawless look, even with minimal make up. Acne scars, fine lines, freckles and other damages are also reduced by this peel. Optimum results can be obtained only by doing this peel repeatedly up to 6 times.

Long-Term Results

Changes in the skin caused by the chemical peels can usually last longer or may even become permanent when regular skin care procedures are followed. Important skin care procedures for chemically peeled skin include sun protection, control of acne problems and life style changes. 

  • Sun Exposure: Rays of sun has an effect of stimulating the melanin pigment of the skin. Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin its complexion. With more melanin pigments, your skin becomes darker and with less pigmentation, it looks lighter. After a Vitalize Peel, you get a tan-removed facial skin that has to be maintained by using creams or lotions with high sun protection factors in them. This can help to reduce the damages caused by the sun to your skin. 
  • Acne Control: Another important thing in your skin care regimen should be to keep acne under control by keeping your face oil- and dust-free and following a diet without deep-fried food items. If the consumption of oil is not controlled, scarring can happen, which may be detrimental to the glowing skin obtained after the Vitalize Peel. Acne problems may change the pigmentation and thus lead to changes in the skin tone. 
  • Life style Changes: You can also maintain your radiant skin after the Vitalize Peel by following certain healthy changes in your lifestyle. You have to drink plenty of water to throw the toxins out of your system. Eat a balanced diet and avoid deep-fried and oily food items. Exercise regularly, reduce stress, have good night sleep and quit smoking and alcohol consumption. With these life style changes, you can remain healthy, and it becomes easy to maintain your skin tone and texture obtained after the peel.
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