Tips for Choosing a Cellulite Specialist

The top 4 chemical peels are the Alphahydroxy Acid Peel, the Trichloroacetic Acid Peel, the Phenol Deep Chemical Peel and the Jessners Peel. A  chemical peel is a solution that is applied to the skin to remove any damaged layers of the skin. These treatments are applied to the skin and then washed off after they are allowed to penetrate the skin. After the skin is washed a moisturizer is applied to the skin.

Alphahydroxy Acid Peel

Alphahydroxy peels use glycolic acids, fruit acids, and lactic acids to penetrate the skin. The Alphahydroxy peel may cause redness and itching to the treated area. It is less expensive than other peels and usually costs about $100. This peel can be performed in a salon or by a dermatologist. It can take several treatments for you to see results, but once you begin to see the results your skin will be softer and smoother.

Trichloroacetic Acid Peel

Tricholoroacetic acid peels are more powerful than the Alphahydroxy peels and cost more, but they have been used for many years. These peels must be performed by a doctor and can cost anywhere from $350 to $3000. There are different depths of the tricholoroacetic peels which can be performed. There is a light, medium, and a deep depth that can be performed. You may experience some burning or stinging while the peel is being performed. If the discomfort continues, over the counter pain relievers can be used to relieve any discomfort. After having this peel performed you will need to keep the skin hydrated and out of the sun. If you do go out in the sun wear sunscreen to  protect it from damage.

Phenol Deep Chemical Peel

The Phenol chemical peel is one of the most powerful peels available. This peel is best if you suffer from deep wrinkles and sun damage. This peel can take up to two hours and will require about two weeks of recovery time. This is performed by a doctor. The discomfort during the peel is usually minimal because the Phenol chemical acts as a numbing agent. However, you may experience some light burning or stinging. After the peel is performed, the skin can become crusty. If the skin does become crusty a layer of petroleum jelly can be applied. The petroleum jelly should be kept on the skin for a couple days after the treatment.

Jessners Peel

The Jessners peel is a medium depth peel which helps to reduce aging and sun damaged skin. It also helps with acne problems. The Jessners peel contains salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol. This solution can be applied at home, but check with a doctor to make sure this is a good treatment for you. The Jessner solution is applied at night. After the peel is applied then you will apply a moisturizer to the skin. The skin will begin to flake off within a week. Once this starts, let the skin peel on its own. If you peel the skin off it can cause damage or infection.


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