Cellulite: Predisposing Factors

There are predisposing factors that make women vulnerable to cellulite. Some of these factors are:

Skin Structure

Your skin structure retains fat and liquid, making it hard for your body to flush out of these substances which in turn can enable the formation of cellulite.

Collagen makes your skin cells stronger and helps your lymphatic system get rid of these toxins. As you age, the levels of collagen in your skin tend to decrease. This can cause cellulite to form under your skin.

The skin under your breasts, buttocks and tights is thinner making cellulite noticeable. If you get cellulite, you will notice small bumps on these parts of your body. These bumps are tiny pockets of fat stored under your skin.

Hormones and Life Events

Many events can trigger cellulite in your body such as pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. During these events, your levels of estrogen increase putting you at risk of getting cellulite. Not all women get cellulite. However, these events are known to trigger cellulite in 80 percent of women.

Sedentary Life Style

A lack of exercise and a poor diet can worsen your blood circulation. Fat is not being burned properly if your circulation is low. Your body is not able to get rid of toxins, putting you at risk of developing cellulite.

Not all women get cellulite, but different factors can make women susceptible to this condition. These factors are related to their skin structure, age and their lifestyle. A lifestyle without exercise increases the risk of developing cellulite.

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