Cellulite Cream: Fat Girl slim

Cellulite cream is one of the many offerings in the cellulite treatment niche, making it difficult to choose the appropriate product. The best way of making an educated choice is to review and understand that dynamics of such offerings. Among cellulite creams, the Fat Girl Slim cellulite cream is among the most talked-about. This cellulite cream is meant for topical application and promises to gradually improve the appearance of the cellulite-affected skin while decreasing cellulite deposition in the affected areas.

Starting with Fat Girl Slim

Bliss Fat Girl Slim is an anti-cellulite offering from Bliss Spa, a New York-based company. Bliss Spa is an accomplished company in the health and wellness retail category, known for manufacturing a wide range of products including body lotions and self-use spa treatments. It has always marketed its products as safe for un-prescribed usage. The company’s website has a detailed product listing along with pricing/packaging information and buying options.

How Fat Girl Slim Cellulite Cream Works

Fat Girl Slim cellulite cream doesn’t contain any unique ingredient or herbal extract that hasn’t been used before. However, it manages to combine various cellulite-retardants and skin-rejuvenating agents in an appreciable manner. There are many cellulite-fighting creams that use caffeine as the primary, cellulite-fighting ingredient and Fat Girl Slim endorses the same. However, Fat Girl Slim uses a more progressive form of rendering caffeine into the tissues.

The cream uses a technology called QuSome wherein encapsulated form of caffeine molecules are introduced into the skin that are reputed to penetrate deeper into the cellulite deposits and induce cellulite removal to a larger extent. Caffeine is known to augment the metabolization of fat deposits in the body along with significantly reducing the ability of skin to retain fluids. This means that along with cellulite removal, the puffy appearance of cellulite sites is treated to some extent—this can be understood as a toning effect of the Fat Girl Slim cream.

Another active ingredient of Fat Girl Slim cellulite cream is the red algae extract that is further combined with lavender and lotus extracts. These natural ingredients are aimed at aiding the process of breaking down the cellulite deposits. They also help to revitalize skin that had been overwhelmed by cellulite deposition. This seems rather handy since the development of stretch-marks is commonly associated with cellulite-loss. These ingredients ensure that the swollen nature of cellulite sites is neutralized by improving the circulation of blood/lymph in the underlying tissues. This is perhaps why makers of Fat Girl Slim have emphasized that this product ‘energizes’ the skin.

Apart from these ingredients, Fat Girl Slim cream contains some nourishing compounds for the skin. It is an established fact that skin needs proper hydration and nourishing to ensure that it can fight-off the damaging free radicals and maintain its elasticity. Understandably, these demands are more critical in skin overlying cellulite deposits. To address this demand, Fat Girl Slim cream contains glycerin and shea butter.


Most people seem to like the consistency and overall texture of the Fat Girl Slim cream, opining that it is easy-to-apply and is readily absorbed by the skin. Further, the cream is lightly-scented and doesn’t cost much. Though the cream might not boast of any breakthrough cellulite-treatment ingredient, the use of non-toxic compounds underlines its safety-of-use which is paramount in over-the-shelf cosmetic aids. However, the cream doesn’t come across as a potent aid in terms of actively eradicating cellulite and seems like a useful, supplementary aid when combined with exercising and diet control.

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