Acne Treatment: Homeopathy

Acne is a commonly occurring skin disease that can be controlled with the help of various acne treatment options available. There are topical applications, antibacterial medication, hormonal therapies and so on. Homeopathic treatment is one of the most simple and natural remedies for acne. It can make your skin healthy to fight against acne infection and also prepare your body to heal acne in a natural way.

Formulation of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicine is given considering the symptoms and not the condition. Homeopathy correlates acne with an underlying medical issue. So, you are also treated for that condition instead of simply being prescribed topical creams, gels or ointments. After finding out the reason for the outbreak of acne, a medication is formulated to cure both the acne and underlying problems.

Result of Homeopathic Treatment

Generally, natural remedies are provided as acne treatment. After using this formulated medicine, you can notice the drying up of your pimples and reduction of the scars. You can also experience a reduction in acne symptoms like itching, burning and pain. Even the texture of the skin starts to improve over a period of time.

Commonly Used Homeopathic Treatments

All these treatments are based on symptoms. Read to find your symptoms and a suitable medication.

  • Chronic acne: Sulphur is the most often used homeopathic medication for acne problems. It is more effective if your acne is chronic. Your skin may become hard and rough associated with constipation. You may have black pores, intense itching and spotted redness on your skin. Another condition of acne, known as acne punctata, also responds well to this medicine.
  • Acne related to menstruation: When women are affected by acne problems due to improper circulation of blood and scanty menses, then Sanguinaria is a homeopathic treatment advised. Other medication like aurum muriaticum natronatum and calcarea carbonica can also be helpful in such acne problems.
  • Antimonium tartaricum: You may have your acne developed into large pustules, which become bluish-red scars and are tender to touch. If it irritates the skin, then such acne can be treated with antimonium tartaricum.
  • Acne simplex and acne indurate: Kali bromatum is a medicine used for treating acne on face, neck and shoulders. It is ideal for the acne simplex and acne indurate types found in nervous women. These women may be experiencing loss of memory, melancholia or suicidal mania due to these acne problems. All such conditions can be effectively controlled by kali bromatum.

Apart from these examples, there are many more medications like Belladonna, Calcarea silicate, Hepar sulphur and Arsenicum iodatum for the treatment of various acne conditions.

Dosage of Homeopathic Medicines

If your symptoms closely match that of the given conditions, then you can select one of the homeopathic medicines mentioned. Take a lower potency medication (6x, 6c, 12x, 12c, 30x, 30c) at first; continue to use the medicine if you see significant improvement. If you do not observe significant results, then the dosage can be increased. However, you have to take these medicines in consultation with a homeopathic doctor.

Word of Caution

Treatments mentioned here are just examples of few homeopathic treatments, and they might not be suitable for all. Hence, take up help from a homeopathic doctor.

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