Acne Treatment for Normal Skin

Regular skin care is the most trusted and successful acne treatment for any skin type. In order to understand the treatments better, you should know how the acne is formed. Acne is a tiny skin lesion or skin inflammation. Sebaceous glands in the body produce sebum, an oil-like secretion to lubricate the skin. When the dead cells do not separate themselves from the newly formed cells, they clog the pores and trap the sebum, dirt and bacteria. This results in black heads or whiteheads, and acne occurs when these black and white heads get infected.

Skin Cleansing

It becomes essential to clean your skin regularly in order to keep dirt away from your skin. When dirt accumulates in the oily areas, it might lead to the formation of acne, or it might worsen the already present acne condition. Thus, you have to wash your face at least twice a day with a gentle soap or a cleanser. A mild antibacterial soap is ideal to control the acne from spreading.

Cosmetics Selection

You have to take care in buying cosmetics products that do not affect your normal skin type. Look for the ingredients of glycerin, mineral oil and other moisturizers. Avoid cosmetic products with toxic or harsh chemicals in them.

Gentle Exfoliation

Once or twice in a week, you have to exfoliate your skin in order to remove the dead cells, otherwise they will clog together and block the pores on your face (resulting in acne). But, always remember to use a gentle exfoliating agent and avoid an abrasive exfoliating agent.

Exposure to Sun

Reduce your exposure to sun, as it may dry your skin and it may start to form flakes. When flakes are formed, your skin gets infected by bacteria, easily forming acne. Thus, it is important to apply sunscreen lotions and moisturizers that can effectively control the hazardous effect of sun on your skin.

Hydrate the Skin

Hydration of your skin is very important to make it look younger and keep it free of acne. Use topical antibacterial products that effectively control the acne, and also moisturize your skin so that you do not get flaky skin.

Face Mask

You can apply an apple mask in order to remove the dead cells and rejuvenate your skin. This apple mask is ideal for normal skin types. Make a puree of an apple in a food processor, add 2 teaspoons of honey and refrigerate for 10 minutes. Apply it on face by tapping, and rinse after 30 minutes.

Internal Cleansing

Acne needs to be treated internally also in order to reduce its formation. Hence, it becomes necessary to remove your body's toxins by drinking plenty of water. Stop eating (or eat sparsely) salty food, fish, and oily and deep fried food items.

Dermatological Products

Visit a dermatologist and get the required prescription from the doctor to have your acne controlled. You may be given antibacterial or antifungal topical solutions like benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol or retinoic acid in order to control the acne.

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