The Key Steps to Prevent Acne

Acne can be triggered by a variety of internal and external factors. In some cases, people who have a family history of acne may have a predisposition to developing it. The key to controlling acne is prevention. Here are some precautions you can take to help reduce breakouts.

One of the most crucial steps to prevention is maintaining a daily face cleansing routine to keep the pores free of oil and dirt. There are a variety of facial cleansers that are designed for specific skin types such as oily skin, normal to combination skin, as well as dry and sensitive skin. Choose the proper cleanser for your skin type and wash your face at least once a day with warm water.

Also make sure to completely remove makeup before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup on can clog the pores and lead to a breakout. Cleaning cosmetic brushes regularly and avoiding old and expired makeup can also reduce your chances of developing acne.

Another important factor to consider is how stress impacts the body. By exercising regularly you increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to the skin, which can reduce stress levels and help prevent acne.

Keep in mind, if you have a breakout refrain from picking or popping the pimple. This can cause the acne to spread and can lead to infection and even permanent scarring.

Although acne is mainly a physiological condition triggered by hormones, you can help successfully reduce the occurrence of breakouts by exercising regularly, controlling stress, and properly cleansing and taking care of your skin.

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