Syphilis secondary

Secondary syphilis

Typically developing after the primary chancre has faded, secondary syphilis is manifested by a macular or maculopapular eruption which covers much of the body surface including palms and soles.
Skin lesions may be evanescent or fixed. Lesions typically show a superficial scale, but a papular variant can also occur and consists of diffuse 2 to 4 mm red-brown papules over the body surface.
Genital or perianal papules that become verrucous are called condylomata lata.
A patchy alopecia can occur.
There may be low grade systemic symptoms.


  • Lesions fade without treatment, but treatment is still necessary to prevent the stigmata of late syphilis.
  • See: Syphilis for treatment details.
syphilis secondary

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