Squamous cell Carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma

Squamous carcinoma is usually seen as an erythematous to skin-colored scaling plaque or nodule, most typically on sun-exposed skin.
Ulceration may occur as the lesion enlarges. The lesion is hard.
Squamous carcinoma can also occur at the site of chronic irritation such as a chronic ulcer from any cause.
Perhaps 5% of squamous carcinomas will metastasize to regional lymph nodes.


  • The treatment of choice is usually surgical excision with a 0.5 cm margin.
  • Radiation therapy is an alternative treatment.
  • Because, unlike nodular basal cell carcinomas which are soft, squamous carcinomas are hard and fibrotic, electrofulguration and curettage is not usually the treatment of choice.
  • Topical creams such as 5-fluorouracil cream are not likely to be effective.
  • Close follow-up is indicated, with examination of the operative site and check of the regional nodes.
squamous cell

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