Scale (definition)

(skal) (Old English. scealu, Old French. escale, or French. ecaille- shell) (Latin. Squama - a scale- or plate-like structure)

A scale is a flat plate or flake of stratum corneum.


Collarette scale:

Describes the fine, peripherally attached and centrally detached scale at the edge of an inflammatory lesion.
Example: Pityriasis rosea

Furfuraceous scale (fur-fu-ra'shus) (Latin. furfur - bran):

Describes fine and loose scales.
Example: Tinea versicolor

Ichthyosiform scale:

Describes large, polygonal scales - as in fish scales.
Example: Ichthyosis vulgaris

Psoriasiform scale (resembling psoriasis):

Describes a silvery, white, parakeratotic, lamellated scale, similar to a scale of psoriasis.


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