Papule (definition)

(pap'ul) (Latin. Papula - a pimple)

A papule is a small solid elevation of the skin, less than 0.5 cm in diameter.

Epidermal papule:
  • A papule composed of localized thickening of the epidermis or of the stratum corneum.
Dermal papule:
  • A papule composed of a localized, solid thickening of the dermis produced by augmentation of normal structures, deposition of metabolic products, concentrations of cells or other pathologic changes.
Inflammatory papule:
  • A papule produced by inflammation of the dermis, epidermis or both.
Papulosquamous lesion:
  • A papule that develops a reactive or degenerative epithelial component resulting in desquamation, which is the loss of epithelial cells or of stratum corneum (scaling).

(from the ILDS Committee on Nomenclature - R. Winkelmann, Chairman)


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