Ashy Dermatosis

Ashy dermatosis


Erythema dyschromicum perstans Lichen pigmentosus

Ashy dermatosis is an idiopathic, usually asymptomatic condition with a primary lesion that is characterized by a central, gray macule, often surrounded by an erythematous, slightly indurated edge. Lesions expand and tend to coalesce. The erythematous edge eventually disappears leaving only the gray macules.

Extensive areas of the skin surface can be eventually involved.
It is usually asymptomatic.


  • A case report demonstrated benefit from clofazimine 100mg. daily for three weeks.
  • These treatments have all been reported to give some response
  • Vitamin A 100,000 units for two weeks
  • Dapsone 100mg. daily for three months
Ashy dermatosis

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